I’m in the “Sandwich generation”… ah! that’s why I feel like a piece of ground up meat squished and ready to be eaten (ha-ha)…  a thought I had about a year ago as I raced between nursing home and bus stop while thinking about what I was going to have for dinner.

“The Sandwich generation is a generation of people who care for their aging parents while supporting their own children.”

I created this site to share my experiences of  parenting young children [an older parent to boot] while caring for my elderly and disabled mother at the same time.  My mother passed away a year ago at age 88, and while I miss her tremendously, she is in Glory now, safely tucked in the arms of Jesus.

This site is named for the saying “I’m between a rock and a hard place” because I often felt that way, stuck, not knowing which way to turn, who to care for first, mom or my family.  I tweaked the phrase so that it reflects how I truly feel: stressed at times, but always safe and always in God’s loving care. ..hence the name Between a hard place and The Rock [Jesus].

2 Corinthians 4:8-12  (NIV) We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair;  persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed.

I have many thoughts to share, but also have many questions too.  I am hoping to discover a community of others who are or were in the same place as I was, well am.  I have benefited greatly from those who have cared for aging parents and from those who have parented young children.  I have a few friends who have done both.  They are precious.   There is an understanding there that doesn’t need words to express itself. But words are what this site is about and words will find their way to these pages.  Words that are healing, helping, and hoping.




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  1. Sammi was entering high school when my dad became unable to live on his own. I also had the privilege of telling him. My disadvantage was distance so much of the care for him while in assisted living was done by my sister. There were numerous appointments as his health declined and the dementia changed who he was. I felt much guilt that I was sixteen hours away. The last months I dropped everything and flew in several times but that was so difficult for family here. I made it work, but it was a numbing few months. I was on auto-pilot for most of it.

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